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Curtain pole in 20mm diameter to include three rings per 12" (304mm) - Price is per 12"


Our handmade curtain poles are made to order, to fit any size window. Our poles all have removable finials for ease of hanging the curtains and insertion of the rings. We stock three standard sizes with rings and finials to suit. All of the poles come with three rings per foot (12" or 304mm) included in the price. Extra rings can be purchased if they are required. It is recommended that a pole any longer than 6 foot (72" or 1850mm) should have three hanging brackets, anything under this length two brackets is sufficient.


We make bay window or custom poles to order please contact us with your requirements. All poles are finished with a chemical matt black finish to ensure no flaking of paint or wax. It is a hard wearing black finish which resists rusting and wear exceptionally well.

Curtain Pole - 20mm


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