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The AWB700 Forge system in black, perfect for the professional.


The AWB700 Single forge system in black is built for the professional Blacksmith or Farrier, it is also perfect for the larger home workshop and hobbiest blacksmith. The framework of the forge is made from robust galvanized angle iron and has an overall footprint of 700mm x 900mm. The firebox and hood are made from double powder coated mild steel that is heat resistant to approx 300 ° C. We have developed a galvanized steel back bosh and tue which is compact and holds 10 gallons of water. We offer a mechanical slide valve to control air flow into the fire as standard, however an electronic rheostat is available. The fan system we use has been especially researched and developed to maximize airflow but to keep size and noise to a minimum. A 2 year guarantee is offered on all parts (excluding finish).

Single Forge Unit - Black


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